Designer farm houses introduces first of its kind Luxury #Dome #houses #modular #prefabricated Homes & Cottages suitable for farm houses, holiday homes, Resorts, in India

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We are Pioneer manufacturers of designer domes , designer cottages and designer villas specially for farm houses , resorts and hotels.

We have also introduced designer sky view domes for terraces and gardens. Coming up soon sky view dining domes for restaurant , hotels and ultra cool corporate meeting domes.

We are a company that focuses on futuristic living where we all will love to dwell in the “Arms Of Nature” and experience the ultimate living of ultra modern lifestyle.

There is also a massive opportunity of doing business of contemporary rental holidays while experiencing the high quality premium lifestyle yourself.

Become a franchise @ Rs 7.5Lacs.

Display our Bubble Domes at your showroom
or garden or terrace garden or resort.

Our domes are Proudly made in the India. allowing us to offer our clients quality assurance.