Designer farm houses introduces first of its kind Luxury #Dome #houses #modular #prefabricated Homes & Cottages suitable for farm houses, holiday homes, Resorts, in India

About Designer Fram Houses

Designer Farmhouses Venture , an idea was conceptualized to fulfill the need for creative shapes , designer themes and aesthetic designs on the landscape of India. While healing the world , the two highly creative Doctors duo , Dr Vivek Jagmohan & Dr. Divya Pandav who had the passion and experience of futuristic living into the “Arms Of Nature” founded this venture. The co-founders are Aarti (IIT Architect), Sanjay (B.E Civil Engineer), Rishabh (Creative Director Advertising). A professionally well-managed company with experienced and passionate team about designs and blueprints, working harmoniously with highly skilled production team, brings to India, Made In India , high quality Modular Villas, Stylish Domes and Fashionable Homes which are durable, strong, sustainable, eco friendly and equally aesthetic with special focus on shapes, stunning designs and 360 degrees panoramic sky view to experience nature.

Revenge tourism to Farm Houses and Resorts is specially booming post Covid, shifting from closed hotel spaces into the “Arms Of Nature.”

It is the future of contemporary living for the millennials , rental holiday business and ultra modern way of futuristic lifestyle.

Introducing first time in India “ Designer Homes & Domes Showroom“.

Corporate office..
Villa 86, Andheri west, Mahda, Bollywood lane, Mumbai – 400053, India.

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WhatsApp – +91 9222222409

Become a franchise @ Rs 7.5Lacs.

Display our Bubble Domes at your showroom
or garden or terrace garden or resort.

Our domes are Proudly made in the India. allowing us to offer our clients quality assurance.